Consultant / Entrepreneur



Experience estimating, chartering and planning efforts for new projects; providing technical and functional expertise, including project management, leadership, tools, skills and knowledge of current industry concepts. Have the ability to transform technical information into concepts, procedures, and tasks. Work well in a fast-paced environment that is goal-oriented and deliverables driven. Possess a technical background that enables me to easily interact with developers and a demonstrated ability to deliver high-quality sites with measurable results.


Technical Skills


  • Solid understanding of web technologies, current web standards and practices
  • Knowledge with cross-browser compatible CSS, HTML/XHTML programming
  • Understand CSS-driven layouts
  • Experience developing e-commerce driven websites
  • Experience developing sites using, PHP, MySQL and MsSQL
  • Experience working with JavaScript, Flash
  • Experience with cross platform integration tools
  • Experience with keyword analysis
  • Proven track record with organic search engine optimization
  • Ability to create and convert design specifications into a functional front end design
  • Knowledge of open source CMS tools (i.e., Word Press)
  • Develop Word Press sites including Word Press e-commerce sites
  • Develop social and community networking connectivity




  • Build and drive traffic to company websites
  • Manage search engine infrastructure for various web properties
  • Monitor and tune performance of sites for the various natural search engines
  • Implement and test strategies to increase conversion rates across web properties.
  • Increase customer acquisition and loyalty through online marketing channels including website properties, SEO/ SEM, email, social media
  • Test creative online copy to improve search effectiveness and conversion
  • Develop and maintain micro sites across market segments, online channels and verticals to increase demand and awareness
  • Implement and manage strategies for all social media
  • Monitor search engine trends and best practices
  • E-commerce ordering processing
  • Create and optimize website copy, on-page elements, Meta tags, etc. to support websites and racking metrics.
  • Optimize the structure, URL format, and filenames of existing and new website sections
  • Create website traffic, ranking, and conversion reports for clients


Personal Skills


  • Excellent time management, problem solving and communication skills
  • Excellent verbal, interpersonal and written communication skills
  • Work well in a fast-paced, goal-oriented environment
  • Attention to detail and aesthetics
  • Ability to rapidly learn new technologies
  • Ability to work on multiple projects and complete on time and within budget

Site Development / SEO Specialist


  • Develop new sites online content and services for small business owners (including Word Press and ecommerce sites)
  • Implement SEO/SMO techniques to build Web traffic and generate repeat usage
  • Create and change HTML code
  • Create IIS and data sources for developers on development and production servers.
  • Create and post original content for Web sites where required.
  • Create and maintain a consistent Web site architectural structure.
  • Create and maintain an archive for Web site templates and images
  • Create and maintain reference archives for older versions of Web sites and its contents
  • Administration of Web sites, content management application, and design tools
  • Manage multiple client websites, updating and posting document and text changes
  • Manage small-scale web related projects from idea to implementation
  • Update Web pages to ensure site accuracy and currency
  • Review Web site content for relevance and timeliness
  • Perform quality checks to diagnose and troubleshoot problems with existing Web applications and sites including broken links (e.g., internal and external), typographical errors and formatting inconsistencies